Why I Became a dissident

Source: The Freedom Collection www.freedomcollection.org /

Narrated by President George W. Bush
VO: In our time, freedom has great historical momentum. But it is not an impersonal force. It always advances through the choices and courage of individuals. A freedom revolution often begins in a few minds, a few hearts – among men and women who risk everything for the sake of a universal ideal. They reject the counsel of fear, apathy and despair. They accept sacrifices for a future they may not live to see. And they are capable of unsuspected greatness.
During meetings in the Oval Office I was eager to hear their stories – and now the Bush Institute is collecting these stories in interviews conducted around the world. We have asked men and women who have inspired others to describe what inspired them. What ignited the fuse of their outrage and resistance? Why did they accept the difficult calling of a dissident’s life?
Khin Ohmar of Burma explains her decades of activism.

The Vaclav Havel Center